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Hello I'm Polly!

Is your business looking to better your social media presence, build leads, and promote your products and services online?  

From delivering a range of creative social media solutions, through to email marketing and blog writing.... if you're considering outsourcing elements of your marketing, but you're not sure where to begin, please do contact me for an informal chat.


Polly Peart

Social media consultant, providing strategy and support to the property, home & interiors sector.

Social Media Management

Perhaps you know you need help launch your business's social media, but you're not sure where to start? 


Maybe you've been meaning to engage with a Social Media Manager for some time, but just haven't found the right person to work with?


Or perhaps you already have a presence on social media but know it isn't working for you.  I can help!

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How I can help your business!


General Marketing Support

In these uncertain times, businesses are looking for someone flexible, affordable and reliable who can work remotely, with no commitment and none of the risks or responsibilities of having someone on their payroll. 


With over 15 years in marketing, I offer a range of support services to help you and your business get your marketing off the ground....

Polly was recommended to me for Social Media training because of her knowledge, approach and familiarity within the sectors that I work.  From only a brief conversation Polly was able to custom social media training for what I needed as well as giving me an understanding of the platforms that would work best. Always adapting as we went along when I spiralled off with lots of questions.  Professional, friendly and on point. I will be working with Polly again soon for our next steps.

Natasha Bradford

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