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Blog Writing

There are many ways to market your business, but do you publish regular blogs as part of your strategy?


Blogging is a powerful tool to attract your target clients, increase leads and drive traffic to your website.


How many times a month do you update your website? Probably not many! But regularly publishing new blogs is a great way to create more opportunities for you to show up on search engines, and thus drive traffic to your website.


In addition, it also offers a way to:


  • Engage and connect with new and existing customers

  • Offers another platform to share your knowledge and expertise

  • Builds trust and credibility to your customers.


Perhaps you know you should be writing blogs, but time is an issue? Or perhaps writing isn’t your ‘thing’?  

Have you written some of your article, but it needs fine-tuning? Or do you need someone to put in the research, or take your notes and make them into something professionally written... in your tone and 'on brand'?

I offer a blog and article writing service to ensure the content you are sharing with existing and prospective clients is relevant, engaging and professionally written, authentically, in your brand voice. 

My blog writing services start at £150 for 600-800 words. 

Do contact me for more information. 

What they say!
Polly writes blogs for us on a regular basis. She is a talented and experienced copywriter who has got to grips with the construction sector quickly. She translates my (somewhat limited) briefs into informative and well-written articles, which we can post straight to the website as part of our ongoing SEO strategy.
Kate Prentice
Edge Building Products
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