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What They Say!

"Our engagement on Instagram had dwindled to virtually zero and I was finding it enormously frustrating and not worth the time it was taking to come up with daily posts. In our session, Polly focused on some easy fixes she thought we could try, and the results have been amazing. By doing fewer posts, but spending more time on them and following her advice as to how to make content more lively, our engagement has increased to at least five times what it was before. We are delighted and are hoping to consult her regarding our other platforms next."

Industry Online Resource


Jenny Royall

"Polly was brought onboard to manage our social media presence and our overall marketing, including the maintenance of our website.  We find her to be efficient, highly organised and knowledgeable about the world of social media. One of Polly's many strengths is her ability to run with projects without needing a huge amount of support and input, leaving me to get on with the pressing day to day needs of my business.”

Suzy Duxbury

"Polly's Calm reassuring and logical approach has really taken the stress off our shoulders. She cut through all the confusion on how to manage our social channels and gave us some very clear and tangible points to work on.  She knew exactly where we were in the process and gave very specific key things that our business could work on. Thankyou Polly. We'll be back for more of your wizardry!"

Claire Antill

Little Olive Social

"Polly is fantastic to work with and helped me to manage my busy social media channels and content planning.She is super organised and highly skilled at social media and marketing. Polly is also creative and great at coming up with ideas and themes for content to give you inspiration. Polly is an absolute joy to be around and has a very positive attitude. I would highly recommend Polly to any business owner who wants to outsource work, knowing that it is in safe hands."

Harriet Mears

We’ve been working with Polly on a freelance basis for over a year. Polly has been a great asset to our small team. Her strategic approach has been invaluable, and really helped us to put some structure to our social media planning. We’ve seen great results and no more one size fits all approach to the different social channels. Polly is also just a great person to have around. She is warm, kind, great fun and very professional. We’ve welcomed Polly as part of our team and really felt she takes the time to understand the wider business, ensuring social comms are in line with our brand proposition

Secret Linen Store

Anna Copping

"When I started my nutrition and personal training business, I felt a bit lost as to why I wasn't generating many followers on Instagram. I felt my content was good but it wasn't generating the new business I was hoping for.It wasn't until I spoke to Polly, that I realised I'd completely misunderstood the way in which Instagram worked.

The audit she provided showed where my strengths and weaknesses were, how I needed to view my content differently and gave me ideas for how to strengthen my brand, breaking down the areas of the business for me. Polly really connected the dots between my business goals and how to use Instagram to my advantage. Naively, I didn't think Instagram could be such a useful tool for gaining new business and now I definitely see the strength in using Polly moving forwards. Just by changing a few parts that Polly recommended, I've already generated a new client! Now that's value for money."

Kate Prentice

Edge Building Products

"Polly completed an audit of our social media channels and writes blogs for us on a regular basis. She is a talented and experienced copywriter who has got to grips with the construction sector quickly. She translates my (somewhat limited) briefs into informative and well-written articles, which we can post straight to the website as part of our ongoing SEO strategy."

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