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  • Polly Peart

How to get started with Instagram reels

When it comes to Instagram reels, it isn’t always ‘just’ the technology holding you back from creating reels, sometimes it’s just the lack of ideas, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start!

But why is it so important to have Instagram reels as part of your marketing strategy?

Reels are a short-form video feature that allows users to create and share videos up to minute in length set to music or other audio, and they are an extremely powerful tool for businesses of all sizes because:

  • They have the potential to be shown to people who don't follow you - the reels tab on your Instagram will show you a collection of trending reels from other IG accounts. If you create a reel, one of these could be your business!

  • Your reel could be shown weeks and sometimes months after you've posted it

  • They're highly engaging - people WANT to watch them

  • Video is king! Short form video has over-taken images as the most consumed type of social media content

  • They're a great way to show off your product or service in an engaging way

  • They're quick to create and quick to consume

So how do you get started with reels when you've not created one before? Here are my top tips:

  • Get scrolling - sometimes the best source of inspiration is other businesses reels. Find something you like? Save the reel. Save the music. Copy the format but change up the content

  • Look back at your old static posts or carousels, could you use any of this content in a reel? Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the reel (I mean wheel LOL) every time you want to post

  • How about putting together some slides on Canva and incorporating these into a graphics reel. Not every reel needs to have you in it (although these tend to have better engagement.)

  • Stay true to yourself, and don’t do anything that makes you cringe like this😬 If finger pointing and dancing isn’t for you… DON’T DO IT!

  • Small steps. Don’t try and do a reel that takes you hours to put together, keep it simple, perfect your art, enjoy it, and see where it takes you!

The potential reach of your reels is limitless! Give it a go. You have nothing to lose!

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