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  • Polly Peart

What are social media "Impressions" and How to Increase Them.

Social media is an essential tool in a business owner's marketing toolkit and is the perfect medium to reach audiences on a global scale. However, with so much competition on these social media platforms, it can be difficult for your content to stand out.

This is where 'impressions' come in. Perhaps you keep hearing this term ‘impressions’ and wonder what on earth it means? Or maybe you have a loose understanding, but don’t know how to increase your social media impressions?

Let’s start with the basics - What are Impressions?

So you want to know how many people have actually seen your content? Well, that's what the social media world calls “impressions.” It's the total number of times your posts has been viewed.

But here's where it can get confusing…, don't mix it up with 'reach'. Impressions can count multiple views from the same social media account, while reach only looks at views from unique profiles.

So, in short, impressions give you the real scoop on how many eyeballs are checking you out. When you see your number of impressions increase, you know your content is showing up in your followers’ feeds frequently.

When you compare impressions with reach, you can get some good insights. If they're similar, it means people are only checking out your content once. But if impressions are way higher than reach, it means your content is making people come back for more!

How to Increase Impressions

  • Perhaps it’s obvious to say that focusing on the quality of your content which increase impressions. Publish high-quality posts that are engaging, interactive and visually appealing, helpful, informative or aesthetically pleasing.

  • Know your audience, and make sure that your content is relevant to your target audience, because THAT’s who you want to put it in front of!

  • Use relevant hashtags – they can significantly increase your impressions in social media content.

  • Produce content that people will want to see more than once – what will make them

come back to view it again, and again.. Is it relatable content? Does it offer so much value that people will want to check it out for a second time? Does it shock, is it different/alternative or compelling enough to take another look at?

It’s important to note that just because your content is being shown to lots of people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re also engaging with it. So whilst it’s really good to check your insights to see how many impressions your content is getting, keep an eye on that engagement rate too.

How many of those people viewing your content are actually liking, commenting, saving and sharing?

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